Saturday, August 24, 2013

Public VS Private blogging

The internet is the new wild wild west where pretty much anything goes as long as you don't get caught.  People can create and hide behind their secret cyber identities to attack other people and do all kinds of other nasty deeds.  The information on the internet is not factually verified for accuracy nor is it filtered for content.  Essentially, its a blob of information with gems and good stuff intertwined in a mass of sewer sludge. Thus is the inherent beauty and the ugliness of blogging and other social media.

There are a couple of kinds of blogs.  Blogs that are informational and targeted to a specific interest and blogs that are personal - which reveal your life, feelings, and future plans.   Informational blogs are not as risky as personal blogs.  As long as the information is correct and you follow normal journalistic practices, there is little controversy.  On the other hand, a personal blog is very risky.  It opens your life for others to view and comment upon.  In some cases, it bares your soul and beliefs to the world to be judged, criticized, and psycho analysed by a mass of unknown strangers lurking in the deep darkness of cyberspace.

But the saying goes, "if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen".  So bloggers should understand that critique, craziness, and compliments come with the territory of blog ownership.  

When I started blogging, the later was not what I signed up for.  I wanted a place where I could post things for myself, like a diary.  I thought that sharing it would be useful and the information I discovered through experience and research from living here in the land of smiles and California might help people.  But now, as I see more and more of how a blog can be attacked and the people behind it smeared as well, its getting to the point where it may not be worth blogging publicly anymore.  Sure, some of the actions may have been justified on these sites, but nothing will stop someone from doing the same to me for malicious or evil purposes.

I posted back on June 11th that I was seriously considering going private and dark.  I changed my mind after some comments, but now after the events of the last few weeks.   I think it was a mistake to continue public blogging.  

So Life on the bookends will soon be going private and dark as well.  Only, there will be not be any invitations or subscriptions.    I don't make money from this blog nor have I cared about how many hits I get.  The information for this blog will be for my eyes only.

For all the past readers, thanks for coming by and I wish you all the best. 


  1. Malcolm and Ciejay,
    Don't worry, I will still be reading Your great blog!

    Take care

  2. Sorry to hear that! Will miss reading your blog.

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  4. Why would you close your blog because of a few bad apples? Doing so, you give them the attention they desperately want. They have effectively shut down your blog at the expense of those who really enjoyed it.

    This goes the same for BangkokBuddy's

    1. and just how did you "enjoy" our blogs? by slamming us at every turn? threatening us?

      hey, dimwit. go do a google search and see how many people have stopped blogging or went private.

      sevenwinds and I are not the only ones going this route.

      go get a life.

    2. Wow, didn't expect to be insulted for speaking my mind and seemingly not in an offensive manner. Very disappointed at you, Bangkokbuddy!

    3. I thank you for your comments and the fact that you have been a reader of my blog.

  5. For the record, the choice was mine alone and not forced upon me by anyone or any singular event. I had been contemplating it for a while. I believe in free speech and expression, but my blog was very personal to me and thought it best to keep it out of the limelight for many who do not feel the same way.

    By the way my fault for not moderating the comments section and allowing the flaming, etc. This is one example of why its so hard to be a blogger.

    Moderation will be turned on after this.


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