Sunday, April 6, 2014

A New Toy to play with

Got a new toy this week.  A new Honda Zoomer-X motorbike.  Some people say its me she is so ugly that she is beautiful in her own unique way.  It won't break any records for speed nor will it have the die hard motorcycle guys drooling, but its a neat utilitarian means to get around town when I don't want to take my truck and get stuck in traffic.

The 2014 Honda Zoomer-X with Combi Brakes

My other bike, the Honda Sonic will be going upcountry as I found that working traffic and shifting gears all the time was a royal  pain in the butt.  The Sonic will be used for touring the back country roads up to the four national parks we have nearby and all the hilly roads that can make use of the five speed gear box.

The Zoomer-X is a barebones bike ready for customization so it will get some treatment over the next few months, depending on time and inclination.  Today, she got her very own top box, a Givi E30.  Got it installed while I waited inside their little shop at  I understand that they are the distribution agents for GIVI here in Thailand.


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