Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Its Thunder and Rain up here!

A welcome relief from the humid heat, a loud summer time thunderstorm with rain just rolled in.  Its been off and on cloudy for the last few days, but finally the heavens just let up and its dropping buckets.  We need the rain up here, badly.  Aside from the cool relief, the Northeast of Thailand is suffering a major drought.  If it were not for the water across in the lake, it would be likely that we would have lost a few more plants and trees than we did.  So far, out losses have been due to wind damage and not lack of water, but losing any big plant or tree is like losing a pet...you try your best to feed and take care of them, but nature is cruel and merciless and losses are part of the evolutionary cycle..only the most fit and lucky survive.

On a more positive note, I take back my statement of water splashing being polite and gentle up here in the country.  Our main town's major road turned into a waterfight zone yesterday.  Traffic was so bad with pickup trucks loaded with revelers that we couldn't get through to go to the zoo.  And just today, an innocent looking little girl of about 9 years old hit be broadside while I was taking the motorbike to buy some gas.  Almost got knocked off the bike and my clothes was soaked.  She thought it was the funniest thing.  Wait till next year you little brat...I know where you live...5555

Thinking of heading back to the mango before the weekend, but it all depends on B and the rest of her family.  There is already a lot of traffic on the main road back to Bangkok which started early this morning.  If we wait a few more days, the worse of the traffic should be over and I will still have time to spend the weekend in the Mango.

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