Friday, April 11, 2014

Knowing when to quit

They say a knowing when to quit is a good thing.  If so, then I think I did a good thing.  I finally gave up trying to make IPTV work at the resort.  From poor and intermittent service to frozen pictures, I decided that IPTV for us at the resort is not ready for the big time.    But the potential was great, with everything from online movies, to Facebook, and even twitter right at the TV.  I didn't want our guests to be upset and I didn't  want the hassle to be called every time we have a network problem so I decided to quit the project for the guest bungalows.

Also I discovered that all this time, practically free satellite TV was available all over Thailand.  Did you know that between 45-240 channels are available via Satellite free from any monthly fees?.  I am not talking about illegal boxes either, but legal channels offered from PSI and True once you buy their equipment.  The low end, smallest dishes run 1500 baht for the box and the dish.  You have to  install it yourself, but once you do, its free for as long as they run this service.  That is all we needed for our bungalows as we did not plan to offer channels like HBO, BBC, etc. anyway.  Here is the list of free channels for the cheap box.

So today, I finally got a dish guy from the village and he is working on putting up a large dish (for more channels) to serve the four bungalows.  Total cost for all the equipment is about 7600 baht, likely another 1000 for the install so for less than $300 USD, I will have satellite TV with 100+ channels to each bungalow.  Silly how little things cost here, and even more silly, how I spent all this time trying to upgrade android boxes, testing, and reading all about IPTV, XBMC, and 1Channel, etc.

So am I giving up my own IPTV?...nope.  Its still is a lot better deal for me as I can get all the illegal stuff like TV shows from the USA, torrent movies, etc.  I just won't let the guests see what I have....555  Did I say knowing when to quit was a good thing?

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