Sunday, April 27, 2014

On Kidney Stones.....

Since my return from the resort, I have been recovering from a kidney stone.  For those that have not had the pleasure, I don't wish for any of you to ever come close to experiencing it.  Its very painful, and in my case came on fairly quickly.

Fortunately I had good treatment at Bumrungrad and aside from being a little tired, am fully recovered.  In a nutshell, my left kidney was inflamed due to blockage from a kidney stone lodged in my urethra tube.  I didn't notice anything unusual before except a slight lower back pain, which I attributed to overuse.  Anyway, on Sunday night it flared up and I was in agony an had to be admitted to Bumrungrad emergency.  They performed an extraction procedure with a microscopic camera and basket and removed the small stone with no issues.

Short story is don't ignore even your most minor symptoms.  They could be a sign of something serious.   More info on Kidney Stones and their prevention here:

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