Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why I like living here so much

There are many things that make living here great.  There has to be in order for me to accept the less comfortable things like the heat, the traffic, and the political turmoil.  One of the things that remind me of why I love it here so much is the level of service you get on such mundane things like car maintenance.  

I'm upcountry this week and recently, received a recall notice on some items for Vanna, including some new brake system parts.   I also needed my 60,000 KM service oil change, lube, air filter, and check-up so I thought why not take care of it before I get back to Bangkok?  After all, there is an Isuzu dealer and service center right in town.  Problem is, I didn't have an appointment and the idea just occurred to me this morning.

In California, showing up at a dealership with no appointment is like taking a chance at the lotto.  Good luck if they can fit you in.  If its an emergency...maybe...on a non emergency, maybe come back in a week and we might consider taking you...after all, we are doing you a favor by helping you.  And expect to leave your car all day as we give you a list of other things we recommend you do.

Anyway, to cut the story short.  Drove up to the dealership, at 9AM.  This dealership is big. About 12 service bays and all were busy.  Nice friendly greeting.  No appointment? problem.   Service manager goes through a to the adviser.  A pleasant lady looks at my recall letter and book.  "OK Sir, you car should be ready by 10:30 AM".  

I was shocked...10:30?  That's just 90 minutes from now.  Maybe its a mistake and its 10:30AM tomorrow.  Nope.  It was 10:30AM today and "you can wait in the lounge, watch some TV and have some coffee and drinks".  By the way, the cost for everything will be 3,405 baht (a bit over $100 USD).   Got my truck back at 10:45AM.  Is there any wonder why 90% of all the trucks up here are Isuzu or Toyotas? 

Gosh, they are was 15 minutes late!  I didn't get Vanna back until 10:45!

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