Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jet Laggin

Yep...Jet Lagged and laggin.

Been sleeping a lot the last couple of days.  Seems like I'm sleepy no matter what time of the day it is so I think its due to the fact that I was tired out from traveling.  But I was also sleeping a lot on the trip go figure.

Anyway, I've been here a couple of days now and aside from jet lag, I am getting over sticker shock.  Filled up my little car today and it cost me $50.   Went to the stores yesterday and stocked up on food and other supplies - spent more than I did for two weeks in the land of smiles.  Also noticed that the stores seem to be usually empty.  No customers in the stores and no long lines to check out.   Did I hit a soft period or is it that the EBT cards aren't funded yet?  Noticed the Costco selection has been reduced significantly and the prices increased.  

But the weather has been great!  Sleeping with no aircon and even wearing a jacket in the evenings.  But I would trade it all in a minute to get back to the LOS.  Only 27 days to go.....

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