Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Martial Law in the Land of Smiles

Martial Law was declared this morning at 3 am in the Land of Smiles.  It was inevitable as there was not going to be any end in sight and the two groups were on a collision course for early next week.  The Army says it's not a coup d'etat, but only 'martial law' to protect people and keep the peace.  Lets hope they keep their word.  Coup d'etat and martial law are separate and rather unique in Thailand.  In this case, I think the people will welcome this action and have high hopes this is going to bring an ending to this drawn out conflict.

Army Chief Prayuth seems like the only one with his head screwed on properly during the last few weeks and his restraint has been admirable.

Coup Soldier, Thai Style with a big smile...expect flowers next from
the Bangkok residents...

I'm not supposed to comment on politics on this blog but my two cents worth on this is a compromise for the sake of the country.  Since almost everyone agrees that a new election is needed, why not have one.  Let the Army and the EC handle the voting with plenty of time for all parties to agree on reforms, select their candidates, and campaign. The Army will be at the polling booths for security and to ensure fairness.   Everyone will be  allowed to participate and those boycotting will be excluded from government.  And lastly, the results are final...like it or not...whoever wins, is the winner.

That is, providing Thailand really wants to be a democracy.  With all its faults and ability to be abused, democracy may not always be the best choice for every situation or country.  Maybe Thailand is one of those countries that should not be a democracy.

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