Monday, May 19, 2014

My first 200,000 mile car

My 2000 CRV turned over 200,000 miles two days ago.  Its a record in my book as I've never had a car last that long.  In the past, I have either grown tired of a car or decided that the cost of repairs was  greater than the worth of the car so I got rid of it before it totally broke down.  I've owned fancy cars like BMWs, etc. but they were fussy and a visit to the dealer would require a mortgage on your house for repairs.  In my younger days, any car that reached 100K was an exception.  I remember the early Toyota commercials where owners jumped for joy when their cars hit 100K.  Now, I think its more commonplace at 100K, but 200K is still pretty special to me. 

This CRV has been solid.  It was one of the first CRV models that was built in Japan and the quality was superb for the time.  It went head to head against the Toyota Rav4 back then and pioneered the concept of the mini SUV.  

I can leave it for months at a time when I am over in the LOS and it fires up like a champ if the battery is charged.  Nothing has broken, except my digital clock, in last 14 years.  I replaced the battery, a couple of head lamps,  the timing belt replaced at 100K as recommended by Honda, three sets of tires (got 70K from the replacements), and I change my oil every 3-5,000 miles.  It just runs and runs and runs.  Its rated a 9.1 out of 10 from current owners on the Kelly Blue Book by an owner who has over 650,000 miles on his!  

I've been thinking of getting a new car recently, but based on all the data that I got recently on this car, it might be a good idea if I just keep this car for another 200K.  Can save me a ton of money in the process and spend it in the LOS instead.  


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