Friday, May 23, 2014

One week to go

One week to go...then its back to the LOS.  This week will be devoted to shopping and last minute business.  Its been a fun month's stay here in California, but I have really missed Marina.  I talk to her at least twice a day and look forward to organizing and attending her first birthday party.  Can't believe that she is already 11 months old, almost ready to walk and is such a bundle of joy.  I think timing wise, I will see her walk for the first time as she can already step around while still holding on to chairs, etc.

But Memorial Day weekend is still ahead and plans are to go out a do some cherry picking.  Went out last weekend, but most of the farms were closed because the cherries were not ripe yet.  Those that were open were selling only old or semi-ripe cherries for $4 a pound.  What a rip-off.  Hopefully this weekend will be better and I can get enough good cherries to bring back to B, who loves cherries and look forward to me bringing some back every year at this time.  By the way, we freeze our cherries after a couple of days and then eat them like little Popsicles when they are out of season.  

Lastly, a salute to our armed forces and those that have given their lives to this country.  Wars are often fought for just causes and sometimes for not so just causes.  When duty called, you served, even if the cause was not so clear and you had doubts.  For that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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