Monday, May 5, 2014


Tinky Winky, Dispsey, La La, Po

Do these characters sound familiar?  They didn't sound familiar to me until just recently.  Actually, they have been around since 1996 or nearly 17 years!  They didn't sound familiar to me because like Sesame Street, they were a part of the UK PBS network whereas Sesame Street was a US PBS production.

Well, B and Baby Marina introduced them to me a couple of months ago because they were popular here in the LOS and now I can't help to hum the stupid theme song from time to time as I think of them.  Its Marina's favorite video and manages to keep her attention for as long as 15 minutes which something for a 10 month old.  Her face breaks out in a giant smile and she moves her feet to the song.  I even ordered some stuffed dolls for her from China.

Anyway, I understand that they are making a big comeback as this is a recently released video for 2014.  So along with the new technology trends like 3D printers, Google glass, etc.,...this blog is letting you know the latest baby trends as well.  Move over Big comes the Teletubbies!

Warning:  Watch at your own risk....highly addicting!

Oh oh.....

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