Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The boys and their toys

Ordered a couple of new pistols to add to my collection this week.  I'll be able to get one of them before I leave for the LOS, but the other one will have to wait until I get back.  NO, I am not bringing these to the LOS...I'm not that stupid and don't want a free extended stay at the Bangkok monkey house.

The first pistol is a Sig Sauer 1911 22LR.  Normally, 1911s are .45 ACPs, but with the cost of ammo nowadays, using a 22LR training pistol makes a lot of economic sense.  The Sig 1911 22LR is a good trainer and has a similar feel to a full sized 1911.  At less than 10 cents a round, one can shoot all day and not break the bank.  I'm a 1911 fan and this will be the fourth in my collection.  

My 1911

Another 1911 (she sure is a beauty)

My second acquisition was a Glock 34 chambered in 9mm.  The G34 is the most popular gun used in IDPA and IPSC competitions and they are hard to come by so when one came up for sale, I jumped on the opportunity.  This will be my first Glock.  I've put off buying a Glock for all these years because I have always believed that guns should only be made of steel and not plastic.  I still believe this, and am buying this pistol pretty much out of curiosity and will try very much to like it.  There are rave reviews about the G34 so hopefully I will like it enough to keep it.  It does fit very nicely in the SSP category and has won a ton of championships so it can't be that bad.

Glocks and more Glocks

Only 16 more days to go.....

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