Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Lounge...

This is the other lounge...the one not frequented by too many lounge lizards.  Yep, it's the EVA lounge in Taipei and just 3 1/2 hours fron the mango.  Smooth trip so far, but couldn't sleep too well and kept having these illogical dreams.  It's Sunday so there aren't too many newspapers around and the food is ok.  They have two lounges here now.  They have the 'Star' for the regular gold card members and they also have the 'Infinity' lounge for the Diamond and first class passengers.  The Garden lounge is all sealed off for remodeling.  I look forward to using my gold card on some of the other airlines since EVA joined the Star Alliance.

Supposed to be a big demonstration today down near Central World in the morning.  Hopefully I will be safely inside my condo by then and posting the results of the second half of the trip.  

Time for some food...

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