Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yeah...they are out of my park!

The demonstrators finally packed up and left my favorite park yesterday.  I'm glad, because that is where I walk when I am in the big mango in the mornings.  When the demonstrators occupied the park, I still walked there, but always with a bit of worry because you could never tell if an attack would find one in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The people inside the park were OK.  They never gave me any trouble and were always respectful of my right to walk there.  I'm sure I could have even walked up to one of their food lines in the morning for something to eat.

But the occupation was taking a toll on the park.  Tents covered almost all available grass and despite their efforts, the park was smelly in spots and not at all appealing for a crisp morning walk.  I missed the crowds, the orderly and neat appearance, and the friendliness of the park.  I will hopefully get all that back when I return to the mango in a couple of weeks.  Things are going well here and no delay in my return is expected.

In the meantime, I walk when I can on the shoreline near the freeway.  Great views, but very noisy due to the highway traffic.  Its nice, but I long for Suan Lom (Windy Park) or more formally known as Lumphini Park.

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