Monday, June 2, 2014

A beautiful morning in Bangkok

Its the morning after.  Still jet lagged and my sleep interrupted by the odd hours, I decided to go for my customary walk through Lumphini Park.  The sun was out and shinning at 6AM and the birds singing their hearts out as I walked through the park, where just weeks ago, was occupied by thousands of protesters in tents, stages, and cars.  It was quiet and peaceful and the grass was slowing starting to regrow where the demonstrators had pitched their tents and killed the grass.  People were smiling again and the tables were filled with the regulars that meet there every morning for food and a get together.  Life is getting back to normal here in the mango.

The usual traffic is getting stuck here in the central business district and people are going about their normal business.  You could tell there was a big sigh of relief from the months or should I say years of political turmoil.   If you ask me now if life is better before or after the coup e'tat, I would say its immensely better after.  

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People want stability and security more than what they got previously under so called 'democratic rule'.  Lets face it, for the 99.9% of us that are not involved in politics it matters very little whose in charge as long as we can carry on our lives normally.  

One pet peeve I have is how the US and some of its blossom buddies like the UK and Australia continue to admonish Thailand about the coup.  Its obvious they have something more than a passing interest in the welfare of the Thai people when they are pressing for early elections and democracy.  Its really hypocritical when the US has in the past not only supported dictators but instigated regime change in the self interest of Wall Street and other special interests.  Or is the support of the ousted government to protect some deep dark secrets, like maybe the details of the hidden prisons where we kept POWs for 'enhanced interrogation".  Only the shadows knows.

As they say, people in glass houses shouldn't be throwing rocks at other people.  

But its really a nice peaceful day in the big mango.

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