Sunday, June 8, 2014

Exhausting Saturday

B woke me up yesterday before 6AM and said "its time to go".  What?  I said,  I didn't have my morning walk yet.  Evidently, the celebration was starting early today for the monkhood ordination and I had to get dressed up for the fancy banquet this morning.  By the time we got the clan ready and baby Marina in the car,  it was 7AM and when we arrived at the party it was already in full swing.  The music was blaring out LOUD Issan music,  the band was on stage, and the dancing girls were 'doing their thing'.

Something to wake up to early in the morning

From there it was one thing after another and finally they were brought into the Wat where they will spend some time finding their way in least that is the theory.  I will have more later in the photoshow but here are a few tidbits.

A fun video of the potential monks tossing away money.  There was a strong wind and as money flew over the walls, so did the people.  What they will do for 20 baht...555

There is more stuff going on today, but I am excused from the activities.  Its time to catch up on emails and keep up with what's happening in the rest of the world.

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