Monday, June 30, 2014

Going back upcountry

Driving back upcountry this morning after a weekend in the Mango.  The plants for the hedges around the target range and cathedral garden were delivered yesterday and I wanted to make sure they are going to be planted correctly.  Also the last of the beach huts were delivered as well so it will be great to finally see how the final configuration will look like before I come back and head off to California for three weeks.

Will be coming back to the mango on Wednesday for a suit fitting, visiting the US Embassy on Thursday and getting my extension for my retirement on Friday.  Busy week ahead, as usual.

Anyway, B is off to buy some fresh prawns at Khlong Toei this morning for us to eat tonight.  I need to go out and take a late walk and get things packed so more later from the resort.

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