Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heading back to the Mango tomorrow

After a week in the country, its time to head back to the mango tomorrow.  Its nice to be away from things, but there is a limit on places to eat, hangout, and shop.  I have the option of being in either place and its now time for the mango.

I miss the golf, the shopping, and the excitement of the big city.  

Got a couple of emails from acquaintances and relatives asking if I am OK here in Thailand considering what's happening here and what they see on the news.  I don't think they believe that I'm 100% safe and happy to be here...I feel safer here than I would be in Las Vegas, considering what's been in the news recently.  I wish the press would stop sensationalizing the situation and leave us alone.  

This video sums it up very nicely....It was posted just today.

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