Wednesday, June 11, 2014

In the Big Mango

Just got back to the big mango this afternoon.  Not too bad a drive, although there was some highway construction that caused a half hour delay about 75 kms outside of Bangkok.  There were also a couple of police and army checkpoints, but they never stop me and just wave me by.  I guess I don't look enough like a gun runner or smuggler to be of interest.

After yesterday's post, I went into Nakhon Ratchasima ( AKA Korat) for the afternoon.  Its one of the nearest big cities to the resort aside from Khon Kaen.  Both are about an hour away and offer a larger variety of malls and other services not available in our area.  We specifically wanted to visit The Mall in Korat as I was sure there were a couple of computer stores inside where I could buy a universal simcard reader.  We also wanted to look around and hangout a bit in the mall as Marina really enjoys looking at all the new things and the people shopping.  I found my card reader and we had a great lunch at the food court.

The Mall is typical of many shopping malls in Bangkok that are not part of the Central Group.  They are the chief rivals to the Central group and are developers of such projects as Siam Paragon, Emporium, The Mall (fill in your area), etc. more info on the Mall Group here.  

Select shots from The Mall  (There was a golf sale going on!)

Its only three stories plus a basement, but enough stores to keep a mall rat like me happy for the day.  Tomorrow, after some rest, its more shopping in the Big Mango!

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