Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Now there are four

Two more beach huts came in yesterday.  They were delivered when I was in town picking up some lights for them.  We used all of them yesterday for Marina's party.  They were different than the first batch in that these were the counter hut and the four seaters.  We will eventually have two counter huts and three four seater huts (total seating of 12) plus 6 Thai Style huts with just an elevated platform.

Counter huts where food and drinks are sold

Four seaters

Yesterday's party for Marina was a lot of fun.  On the menu were T-bone steaks from Australia, seafood salad, pad seeow, barbecue salted fish, minced pork salad, and rice.  Mostly family attended and its setting next to the lake having a barbecue in the evening was a lot of fun. Four generations of girls were there, Great grandmother down to Marina.  This is what cements Thai families together.   There was a steady breeze that kept everyone cool and bug free.  I didn't have a good camera with me so the photos are all taken with my smartphone.

Yum...T-bones on the barbie

Marina enjoying her very first birthday cake with Family

I will be going back to the mango for a couple of days to check on some things and run a few errands.  Plans are to be back next week for my birthday.  Gosh...I can't believe another year has passed already.

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