Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One of the greatest Joys of my life

Today is Marina's birthday.  If I had to count the greatest joys in my life on one hand, her birth and the time she has spent with us this year would be at the top of that list.  Yes, I do love my other kids, but the joy of being a father again at my age and the happiness she has brought to me and everyone around her is very special.  There is nothing like raising a girl, especially a girl like Marina here in the land of smiles.  I consider myself so very lucky and while for some, its a scary commitment, to me its been an inspiration and a highlight of my life so far.

Marina was born while I was on route from Taipei to Bangkok this time last year.  I had talked to B just before take off at SFO and she was doing fine.  She was not scheduled for delivery for another two weeks so I thought I had plenty of time to arrive and get settled.  When I checked in at Taipei, B told me her water bag had broken and she was going to the hospital.  I got to BKK about 2 hours after Marina was born.  Still, I was the first to see her as B was still recovering and everyone else was not allowed in.

One year ago, you were a premee..

She was born three weeks early, but has developed very quickly.  Smart and strong, I know she is a special girl destined for something special in her life here in the land of smiles since she will be raised here and there are no plans to bring her to the US unless she chooses to do so herself when she gets older.  With all her family and extended family, she is in high demand.  But that is how kids are raised here in the Land of Smiles and already she is learning how to smile and melt hearts around her. 

Now look at you

So later this evening there is going to be a big birthday party for her at the resort.  Family mostly, but she has so many extended family members that its going to be quite a crowd.  Ice cream cake, lots of food, and lots of smiles and love - isn't that what girls are made of?

Happy Birthday Marina!

With lots of Love from Mom and Dad

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