Monday, June 30, 2014

Posting from the resort

Fast and pleasant trip upcountry today.  Few trucks, and light traffic makes it a smooth 4 hour drive with time for stops.  For me its like a drive to South Lake Tahoe from the Bay Area when there is no snow on the roads, and little traffic.  

Getting ready for a TAT promotion for the area and hope that the resort will be full this weekend and the next few weekends providing the rains come and causes the Siam Tulips to blossom.  Famous for their appearance and setting, the Dok Krachaio grows wild in one of two National Parks (Sai Thong)  near our resort.  The Park is cool and usually wet this time of year and a perfect environment to have these flowers grow.  Large fields of these flowers are visible off of protected wood planked walkways.  Visited a couple of  years back and plan on maybe driving there in the morning tomorrow for a look see.

Chaiyaphum is the least visited province in Thailand despite it proximity to the big mango.  Why?  Its very quiet and not easy to get to and up to a couple of years ago, it had not much in terms of development.  Its rapidly changing but hopefully won't ruin the beautiful country we enjoy up here.  Its on the high plateau plain to Thailand so its a bit cooler and there is usually a nice breeze to keep it very pleasant.

Anyway, it home for my birthday tomorrow and more later on the latest developments here at the 'homestead'

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