Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday at the falls

We are fortunate that we live close to Tat Ton National Park.  Its just a bit over 15 km from the city center of Chaiyaphum and about 45 minutes from the resort, including waiting at the one and only major stop light in the city that has a 140 second red light.  Since the kids are off school today and Marina's great grandmother and grandfather came by, we decided to go out to the park and the waterfalls for the day.  Tat Ton Falls is a double waterfall that can be quite spectacular during high water, but this time of year, its very mild with lots of swimmers underneath, above, and below the falls.  That is our favorite although there are five other less spectacular falls in the park.

Reposted this video as the  Blogger video feature really sucked

For Thai families, a day at the park always involves food...lots of it.  There was everything needed for a major picnic as we had 10 people and kids to feed.  Once the food was packed and the cars loaded, we took the ride over to the park, with another stop at the local outdoor market for MORE FOOD.

Once at the park, it looks remarkably like many National Parks in the States.  There is a pay gate (Got in with the Thai price of 40 baht) welcome center, signs in English and Thai, and plenty of parking and restrooms.  If it were not for the local crowd, I would think I was in some state or local park in California.  Tat Ton falls is a pleasant 400 meter walk from the main parking lot.  Bring a cooler, some towels, and a change of clothes.  There is lots of  food and clothing for sale within the park also if you forget.

The visitor's center

Park Signs are in both English and Thai

As usual, Marina was the center of attention as she experiences the thrill of running water in a stream for only her second time.  The water downstream from the falls is very mild this time of year and perfect for getting babies and kids to get wet.  The water is not ice cold, but cool and refreshing.  With the clouds and daily breezes up here, it feels a lot like the weather in the Islands - 80s and low 90s with a cool 15 mph breeze.  So the day is eating, laughing, getting wet, and having a great time in our little slice of paradise.

Marina getting some fun time with her cousin Bow

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