Friday, June 27, 2014

The Mango

Yes, its the mango again.  Got back in town late yesterday and didn't have much energy to go out and do anything, but the plans are to have a full day today - likely hit the free buffet again to meet up with the guys.  Had my customary walk in Lumphini park, but was out this morning around 5:30 AM instead of my usual as B and I have been getting up early in country and walking together around then.  Country folks get up early...555

Probably will only stay a couple of days and then go back up to the country for my birthday.  After that, a return to the mango for the Motor Bike Festival where I hope to pick up some custom accessories for my Zoomer-X, order a suit, and apply for my retirement visa extension.  The following week, I will be going to the States for a wedding and a bit of business.  Plans are to be back during the first week of August for B's birthday.  It looks like Sevenwinds is going to be a jet setter again this year.

Its busy, busy, busy, but a heck of a lot better than twirling my thumbs and staying all couped up at home in the States somewhere.  Its what keeps us young and life exciting.

A closing tale for today.  Sometimes good things happen, but only if you take the effort to make them happen.

Yesterday, on the way back from the resort to Bangkok, we stopped at a gas station complex for some food.  I was transporting two monks in the back seat (another story for another time) when I noticed a pick-up truck carrying a couple of chairs like the one we bought in December of last year.  These are nice copies of very expensive wood carved Dragon chairs.  They are about 6ft high and weigh a ton. We originally purchased one a while back for 28,000 baht and I would have bought another except I didn't have the cash with me at the time.  Anyway, out of curiosity I walked up to the guy in the pickup and asked him how much for the chairs, and he quoted me 30K each, so I walked away thinking I got an OK deal last time.  

The first dragon from last time
Now this chair will not be lonely as there will be a pair of these dragons in our main room.

Baby Marina pulling at the dragon's teeth in December

As I was walking away, the guy tells me a hard luck story about how he is desperate to unload these chairs (an unlikely story...) and that he would sell us a chair and deliver it too for only 20K baht.  To keep the story short, I have been waiting to call the other guy who sold us the first chair for some time now that I had some spare cash.  So we made the deal and this new guy in the lot and he delivered the chair to the resort (a 2 1/2 hour drive) last night as we were in Bangkok.  Moral of the story...I likely paid too much last time..555

This was from last time...took five people to unload

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