Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The projects

Yep those are fishermen in the background.  
They will sell you their fish to barbecue right on the shoreline

Progress is being made on 'The Projects' up here at the resort.  First there are the beach huts on the lake.  A guy in a tractor and roller tiller arrived this morning and began work to clear the shoreline of weeds, tree stumps, and brush so that we can have a neat and pleasant setting around the huts.  The government actually owns the lake and the shoreline, but they have not kept it up for years.  They welcomed our attempt to clean up the shoreline and are using us as an example of how the other people around the lake can do the same.  I doubt people without businesses will do anything however.  A few years ago, the city government spent money  building this lake along with a playing field and a kids area hoping to make it a recreation area, but it has fallen under neglect due to monetary issues.

Getting rid of all that underbrush and those stumps

Also hedges are being planted as we speak for the target range and the Cathedral Grove.  The Target Range is a multi-purpose 25 meter range that can be used for Archery, airsoft guns, and other target sports.  I plan on bringing some recurve and compound bows (adult and kids) from the US on my next trip back.  It should be a lot of fun for our guests and something for the kids to do during the summer months.  We already have a variety of Airsoft pistols that are pretty accurate up to 10 meters.  I will have to think hard about paintball as its quite messy and I don't want paint all over the trees, etc.

The Target Range 

The Cathedral Grove is a project that will take a while to mature.  I am envisioning a circular grove of tall Royal Palm trees, surrounded by a six to eight foot high hedge.  It will be grass on the inside and a perfect place for weddings, parties, and other special events.  Once inside the grove, there will be total privacy and quiet as its at the very back of the resort.  The royal palms we got planted were started from seeds obtained from some trees down the road and will take at least 7  years to mature so its going to be a continuous 'work in progress' to nourish the trees and keep the hedge in shape

These are Royal Palms fully grown

Can't see much now, but this is the Cathedral Grove
Looks small but its a bigger space than it looks

Getting work done in the country can be quite economical, but the timing has to be right.  At this time of the year, labor and equipment is available and cheap.  Get near crop planting and harvest time, and you can't get any help at all - no matter the price.  We got this guy with the tractor for 400 baht an hour.  The guys doing the planting by hand are getting 250 baht a day, working really hard,  and are eager for more work.  The improvements are not costing us a lot because we started our own trees and got a great deal from a friend on the hedges - they were like $3 USD apiece.

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