Monday, June 23, 2014

Three weeks under Junta Rule

For living under a Junta rule, the last three weeks have been among the best times I've had here in the LOS for many years.  Gone is the daily news about protest sites and political problems which permeated the airwaves and newsprint like a foul stench that would not go away.  In its place are happy people going about their daily lives with whatever sense of security they now have verses the uncertainty of the past.

The polls suggest that the Junta is favored by over 70% of the people - which includes both red/yellow shirts and individuals of other political persuasions.  That is a higher percentage than any of the other parties in the last couple of years in a "democratic system".  Their performance rating is also at record levels - 8.8 out of a possible 10.  But is this a honeymoon period or is this a pivotal point in Thailand's history?  The opportunity exists for Thailand to clean up its system of corrupt officials, its drug problems, and put it on a path to becoming another Singapore of the region.  Only time will tell, but from what I have seen so far, the Junta seems to be truly  benevolent in its actions and purpose.  

On the other hand, the western media and the ousted government must be steaming.  The western media and the powers that control it are stymied in their inability to find dirt and controversy, as that is how they make a living nowadays.  Things are not supposed to go so well after a coup'etat right?  Where's the killings, the mass demonstrations and arrests in the streets, the human rights abuses, and mean military types holding their big ugly guns?  When nothing is happening and people are happy, that doesn't make the front page news and doesn't get ratings.  For those reporters stationed in Bangkok, that means no scoops, no airtime, and maybe being moved back to the real world to places like Iraq...where they are firing real bullets!

For bloggers, tweeters, and other social media types, it means less hits, followers, and interest.  That is a real blow to those who live and die by these statistics.  After all, we bloggers think we are really saying something significant right?...555

For the ousted government, every day without anti-coup protest news is another nail in the coffin.  Soon the world will forget and lose interest and even begin to see that the people in Thailand are really happy.  As they get weaker, the call for General Prayuth to become the next PM gets stronger.  Will he take the job?  Maybe as interim PM, but I doubt he would want the job permanently.  He is smart enough to know that what he has done will already cement is legacy in Thai need to dirty it by being involved in politics.  

And lastly, the mostly western governments that ostracized the coup are now back-peddling.  Unfortunately for the US, its still continuing its best efforts to drive away Thailand and closer to China by its policies and accusations of human trafficking abuses.  Look no further than your own borders, Mr. President, and you will see human trafficking and abuses eerily similar to what is happening here in the LOS.  Check your own food chain...I bet there a lots of things besides shrimp that has traces of human trafficking in its product elements. 

Enough rambling for now.  I'm posting because I am bored waiting for the beach huts to arrive...hope they get here soon.

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