Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Upcountry again...with a new project

I am upcountry again.  Was alone for a few days in the mango while waiting for my doctor's appointment, but got a call from B and Marina who said they missed me and wanted me back ASAP.  I missed them too so it was a quick drive back up to the resort yesterday and now I am here working on a new project.  

Right outside our door and across the road is a lake!

We realized that we were not utilizing one of our most valuable assets here in the resort.  We have a beautiful shoreline right across the road from us and it sits unused and vacant.  Its not used because its just an area of overgrown grass with no shade or any other amenities.  B came up with an idea of selling food and drinks in front of the resort, but I told her why not on the other side of the road next to the water?  So the light bulbs came on and now we are implementing plans to put in some portable beach huts next to the water for rental and also for our customers to just 'hang out'.  

Huts will look like these

After a few calls, we found the perfect structures for the site.  They are also made locally and very cheap so that if they get damaged or broken, they can be easily replaced.  Our plans are that if the water rises or if there is a flood, we can move them up to the resort as they are light enough for two or three people to carry.  The cost for each structure was 3000 baht (less than $100 USD apiece) so its like the cost of  getting a picnic table in the states.  We ordered ten to start out with and the plan is to rent them for 10 baht an hour or 100 baht for the day.  30 days rental and each hut is paid for.  We also plan to make money on the food and drinks and maybe even rent space to vendors to sell the food.

So hopefully in two weeks, we will have everything in place and I can post more pictures then.

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