Friday, June 6, 2014


Yeah, I'm upcountry and loving it.  Haven't been to the resort for a month now and things are pretty much the same except that its green everywhere!  There has been a series of rain storms that have helped to end the drought we were having earlier in the year.  Some of the trees have grown a bit and we have lots of mangos on the trees.

Got here yesterday afternoon, just enough time to rest up for the two day event.  Two of B's cousins are going into the monkhood at the same time and there is a big celebration planned.  The celebration lasts two days with the climax being tomorrow when they march in a procession with family and friends to the Wat.  

Today, there was a party and hair shaving ceremony.

Sevenwinds the barber
The hair shaving ceremony involves having relatives and friends snip symbolic locks of hair from the potential monks.  There is food, loud Issan music and lots of people laughing and having a good time.  I'm doing double duty as a relative and official photographer.  That is followed by the actual shaving which is done by one of monks from the Wat.  

Don't forget the polish!

There was also a blessing and a visit to one of the other Wats nearby and music will be going on all night.

Here is an excellent link to the ceremony with explanations of each step:

We have relatives from all over the country that came to celebrate and our resort is full so its going to be a busy weekend.  I will be preparing my Phantom 2 Vision for overhead shots and video so it should be a lot of fun during the procession tomorrow morning.  Maybe back in the mango next week.

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