Sunday, June 15, 2014

World Cup Crazy

The LOS is undergoing its World Cup Craziness time.  Its hard for us Americans to understand the situation as we have grown up in a society where Football means the NFL and the Superbowl and not soccer.  For the rest of the world, Football is soccer and that is the big deal going on right now in Brazil.  

The World Cup is all people are talking about here in the mango, and even the Junta has stepped in and arranged for free broadcasts of all the games, compensating the broadcasters over 450 million baht for their trouble.  It is also said that the curfew was lifted to accommodate the late night games and celebrations/parties that go along with those games.  Millions/Billions will exchange hands like during the Superbowl and there will be lots of happy winners and sore losers.

Well, I did not stay up all night for the England vs Italy game and won't even see any of them unless there is nothing else showing on the television.  Kicking a ball into a net...I guess it can't be any worse that 11 guys trying to move a ball over a line...

I will also be extra careful as all these red eyed people will come staggering into work from the lack of sleep this week.  

Football craziness....TIT

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