Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A few more days........

Beautiful day, but winds were very strong

Been one heck of a few days.  Attended the Berserkly Kite Festival over the weekend and had a great time with the team.  The wind conditions were very difficult because they were so strong that we had trouble holding on to our handles and staying upright.  We use 200lb line on each handle so we can have an aggregate breaking strength of 400lbs and we needed every little ounce.

Rehearsal with 'sticks' 

But is was fun as I had not flown with the team for almost nine months and went into the routine cold after a stick practice session.  But once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget I guess.  If you want to watch a video of one of our routines, its here on youtube:

Anyway, I have to do some followup work today and get to some shopping before the weekend as I am leaving this Sunday evening.  Already two bags are nearly full and I'm trying to not go to a third bag, even though I'm allowed to bring one on EVA due to my card status.

By the way, have you all stocked up on your surgical masks yet?  I think there might be a run on them if this Ebola virus jumps out of Africa...which I think is a real possibility.  Be sure to get at least a N95 mask as the other paper masks are virtually useless.  

Good bug out bag item...You know us crazy preppers....better safe than sorry.

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