Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Insurance Bargain?

TAT has implemented a new insurance program called "Thailand Travel Shield" in conjunction with a number of reputable Thai insurance carriers.  Looking at the plan, it seems like a great way to get insurance coverage for those traveling to the LOS and those that are here on extended stays who travel in and out of the country and stay no longer than 60 days at a time, .  This is especially useful to those whose medical coverage do not extend overseas (i.e. medicare) and do not have supplemental coverage that deals with out of country illnesses.  

The premiums vary in cost from 650 baht to 12,000 baht depending on the length of coverage.  For the top end coverage, you have 1 year of  coverage (but you can't stay longer than 60 days on each individual  trip) for up to 2,000,000 baht for loss of life, accidents, or sickness. The medical costs in Thailand are very reasonable, but can add up quickly if you have a complicated problem that prevents one from returning to their home country for treatment.  For example, my kidney stone operation and hospital stay cost me more than 200,000 baht at Bumrungrad.  Having something like this would have saved me a bundle of money.

If you are into active activities like renting a jet ski, riding a rented motorbike or car, or sports like Thai boxing, it makes sense to get some kind of accident coverage.  The way some buses and cars drive here in the land of smiles, a bit of insurance can prevent a whole lot of misery and financial loss.

You can apply for the policy coverage online before your trip.  I know that I am seriously considering the annual coverage and think readers of this blog might consider something that is right for themselves before their next trip over to the land of smiles.  Click on this link for the details:

Unfortunately for me, it doesn't cover other family members so I am doing some research on family medical plans and insurance coverage and will post more when I find out the options.


  1. Hi Sevenwinds - Thanks for posting this. I've been to BKK many times, but each time was for 2 weeks only. This May, I will be in BKK for 4-5 weeks, so am thinking of getting insurance for the first time. Was previously considering, but will likely go with this one, after reading this.

  2. This is a good deal compared to other travel insurance programs as it is backed by the Tourism Authority and the government to encourage tourism after the Coup last year. Many travel groups and travelers could not get insurance in their 'home' countries to travel to Thailand so this program was implemented. Don't know if it will be issued again in the future, but for now, its still available. I bought a yearly plan, and fortunately I haven't had to use it ...don't want to either.


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