Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bikes and Babes

I love living here in the LOS, especially here in the big mango.  There is always something happening somewhere for everyone.  The big press coverage and advertising for the week was Comicon, the comics and superhero convention at Siam Paragon.  But in my opinion, the bigger event was the Bangkok Motorbike Festival at Central World.  But I guess its all in what you like...comics or motorbikes.  

In my case, I prefer motorbikes...both for the bikes themselves, and the 'pretties' that are usually used to promote them.  Like the motorshows, all the manufacturers and dealers have their team of pretties working the mostly male audience.  Bikes and Babes...what a combo, especially with some of the hot looking babes we have here in the mango.  

The pretties doing a 'promo'

I would like to take her for a ride

Anyway, spent a few hours there checking out the bikes and accessories.  Didn't buying anything except a couple of event Tee Shirts. It was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.   As I approach my 'third' childhood (the second one passed a long time ago), it might be a good time to save up some cash for that Harley or Big Wing Honda (just kidding of course).

In the meantime, its just my little 110cc Scooter with 12 inch wheels....5555

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