Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chaiyaphum is finally getting some world attention

Chaiyaphum is the least visited province in all of Thailand.  At least that is what has been publicized about the province in which our home and little resort is located.  But that has changed recently with of all things, the World Cup.  The World Cup is the mostly widely followed sport on the planet and by coincidence, Chaiyaphum has one of the most unique attractions of interest to these fans.  

At a National Park about a hour from our resort are many strange rock formations that make up the landscape.  And one of these formations looks just like the World Cup Trophy.  So Thais from all over, especially the big mango, have been flocking to the area for pictures.  It also happens to be time for the Dok Krachaio flower festival so one can see both at the same time in the park.  

The rock formations even made the UK news.  Article here:  Talking about the world coming to your doorstep, who would think a rock could draw so much attention.

Anyway if you don't want to go over to that article, pictures here:

Anyway, if you are planning to come visit us at this little known, but very beautiful part of Thailand, I know a great place for you to stay!

What a shameless plug of a promo...5555

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