Thursday, July 17, 2014

Finally here!

After a 14 month wait, my SVI Infinity 1911 pistol is finally here.  Sort of anyway.  The pistol that I ordered is custom made to my specs, and currently there is only one model from SVI that is legal in California, so I will need to go through some legal maneuvers in order to get exactly what I ordered.  The process will involve getting a California Legal gun registered, then send it back to the factory to have it upgraded to my specs.  But such is the fate of any custom gun as the gun control laws are so prohibitive here in Kalifornia.

The nice thing about a custom gun is that you can specify every little detail in its construction, including a custom serial number of your choice.  So my special number will contain something like #SEVENWINDS XXXX.  Why go through the trouble of a custom gun?  Well, its like owning your own race car, with your specs and only your budget limiting how it going to perform.  The SVI Infinity is commonly referred to as a 'race gun', or a gun designed for high speed competition shooting.  Mine will be fairly tame looking, but it will be geared towards competitive shooting, while still maintaining a look of elegance.  This will be my most expensive gun and the crown jewel of my 1911 collection.

Here is a video of another SVI Infinity which looks a lot like mine, except mine will have rosewood grips instead of the black G10 material on this gun.  It will also have the Titanium Nitrite accents like the gun shown to create a Rolex style stainless steel and gold appearance.  

And it doesn't just look pretty as its built for performance too, with a very flat recoil and recycle rate as shown on this video of a mag dump.  Unfortunately we are limited to only 10 rounds here in California.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to the FFL dealer and pay my taxes and fees.  Then there is a ten day wait period, plus the time it will take to get it back to the factory for the changes.  Looks like my real baby won't be back until September, when I make my next trip back to California.

Unfortunately I cannot own or possess a firearm in the Land of Smiles so I will only be able to enjoy it when I am here in the Bay Area.  And no, I'm not one of those crazy gun kooks, I just enjoy shooting and collecting fine guns.  

Sigh...another two-three months more.....


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