Friday, July 4, 2014

GTG for another year!

The early bird catches the worm...or so they say.  One thing for sure, the earlier you get to Thai Immigration, the better.  

I was out the door this morning at 6AM for a bit of breakfast and the drive up to the government complex on Chaeng Wattanna Road.  Even with a breakfast stop and driving pass the complex and having to make a U-Turn back, I managed to get into the building around 7AM.  The immigration office doesn't open until 8:30AM, but that gave me a chance to get my photo taken and copies done downstairs.  If you ask some of the photo shops, they will have the government forms available for you to fill out in advance of getting into the offices.  That will save you one stop in the process and that means quite a bit of time saving and places in the queue.  

I then had a nice cup of coffee at the Amazon Coffee place downstairs and went up to the office around 8:15 AM.  By then, about 50-60 people had already started to form a line in front of the door.  After the doors opened, I went directly to the queue line and got my number.  I was number 4 in the 'L' Section, which is the visa section.  I was called about 5 minutes later, and had to fill out two more forms and make some more copies and then got back to the officer's office.  From there it was to her supervisor's desk and  I was done before 9AM.  

Next was he re-entry permit.  I had to wait for my visa extension to be issued first otherwise it would do me no good to have a re-entry permit if I didn't have a visa to get back in.  That took another hour, and I was out the door by 10AM.  It was a record time for me and  now I am back in the condo with the afternoon free.  Might go out to Khlong Tom or Bobae market this afternoon before getting a foot massage and going to the free buffet.  

Sevenwinds, GTG for another year in the Land of Smiles...big smile of contentment

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