Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Headed back to California tomorrow

Will be leaving the mango for Cali-forn-i-a tomorrow.  Can't believe its a month already, but time goes by very fast when you are having fun.  Spent all day yesterday running errands and shopping for the trip back.  Wanted to leave today free for some time with Marina, but she might not be up to anything much  as she got her one year old vaccination shots yesterday and was running a little temperature last night.

We did manage to get some dinner at Fish Head restaurant, but couldn't stay long as she was starting to get cranky.  We didn't figure she was running a low temperature until we got home as she is normally really good at restaurants.  A little baby, especially a baby girl, is a magnet for Thai women, as every one of them will want to play with and/or hold the baby...even total strangers.    Its all part of the culture and the fun of living here.

Also picked up a suit for the wedding that I will be attending.  Had it made at Tom's Fashion on Sukhumvit Soi 8.  Very convenient for me as I get my massage on the corner and meet the guys at the free buffet near there.  By the way, they are rated among the top five tailors in Bangkok and their prices are quite reasonable.  More info on them here: I can highly recommend them at this point as the suit came out great.  I've had similar suits made in Hong Kong and these compare in quality at a fraction of the cost.

Today, its a bit more of shopping and maybe a bit more 'hanging out' as its going to be three weeks before I get to come back home.

By the way, after one month of living under Junta rule I can only say good things about how its been here in the land of smiles.  There is optimism and hope for a brighter future and the people are really happy.  Not for all the people, only about 85% of them, but that is a lot better than the divisive situation we had just a few weeks back.  Efforts are underway to break the corruption and mafias that control tourist destinations.  A lot of wholesale and sweeping changes are underway to transform the country.  Living here has been heaven and I dread my return to Crazy Kali-forn-i-a tomorrow.

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