Saturday, July 26, 2014

One Week left on this bookend

Only one more week and then its back to the mango!  This weekend, I am planning to attend the kite festival in Berserkly with the team.  It will be good to see some old friends again as I haven't attended this festival in many years due to my visa timing.  Normally, I am in the LOS in July and have missed this festival and the one in Southern Oregon for the last 10 years.

One week left means time to scramble to find and order any last minute items that I forgot and to wind up this stay's objectives.  My business deal is all but wrapped up and waiting for the other party to remove their contingencies which I have no control of.  I have to make sure all the bills are paid, etc.  Anyhow, I plan on coming back to California anyway in September for a few weeks for my son's birthdays.  Sevenwinds is going to be a jet setter this year, racking up mileage and being in a continuous state of jet lag.

Being a jet setter means that I also purchased the "Thailand Travel Shield" package for the year.  While I am pretty sure I can personally handle most illnesses and minor problems, having some coverage on the big items is something I think is worth while.  Travel packages with loss baggage coverage, flight delays and cancellations, etc are not unusual, but also included in this package are things like personal liability and travel assistance.    Most travel insurance packages in the USA are vastly more expensive so having a yearly package with as often as I travel in and out of the country seems like a good deal.  The only limitation is that the coverage only applies to the first 60 days of any individual trip into the kingdom.  So, if you travel to the LOS 10 times for no more than 30 days, it covers you.  But on the 61st day of any trip, the insurance is no longer valid for that trip.  I guess that is to discourage long term residents from using this package as a cheap medical insurance plan.  

Insurance is one of those things you hope you will never need, but if you do need it, its good to know that you have a good policy.  If one of my bags are lost and covered this year, the policy will be worth its coverage.

I also checked into family medical coverage in Thailand the last few days.  My only comment is that they are very expensive.  For the three of us, the monthly premium is over $1050 USD, so that is going to make me think about and explore other alternatives for medical coverage in the LOS.  The idea of paying as you need to seems like the only reasonable alternative since the prices are so low and the insurance coverage costs are so high.  No wonder most Thais do not carry any kind of medical coverage.

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