Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ordered some archery equipment

In preparation for the target range at the resort, I purchased some archery equipment yesterday.  Also, I've been planning to buy myself a compound bow for some time now and thought it was a good time since I will be here a few weeks to take delivery of it here and then carry it back with me.  I decided on a Diamond Infinity Edge bow because it has the ability to be adjusted to fit archers from kids to adults.  In addition, I also ordered a recurve bow for the more traditional archer.  

Archery is very popular in Thailand.  There is a archery range and pro-shop in the Ratchada area at the All Star Sports complex near the Lao embassy.  There is a national team, competitions, clubs, etc.   

I plan on taking an intro class at Archery Thai when I return to the mango and have my equipment adjusted. Unfortunately, the cost of archery equipment is very expensive in Thailand since all of it is imported. Purchasing the bows, arrows, and other accessories in California saved me at least 20% over the best prices I could get in the land of smiles.I doubt I will get very seriously involved in the sport, but I would like to learn the fundamentals and avoid picking up bad habits and doing unsafe things.  Taking an intro course for 250 baht seems like a small investment in understanding the basics of the sport.

No, I am not planning to use this stuff in a survivalist scenario, as I believe a 22LR survival rifle is a lot better for that.  Instead, it looks like a lot of fun and something we can do at the resort for ourselves and our guests. But....if you have to, you can  do some silent hunting in the woods, do some bow fishing,  or scare away varmints (both animal and human) without waking up the entire neighborhood.

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