Friday, July 11, 2014

Sleepless in California

Its 4am and I am wide awake.  Its expected it since I slept so much on the way back from the Mango.  In fact I'm surprised I was able to sleep this long at all during the first night.  

The trip over to California was non-eventful.  Using the same airline and connecting airport all the time makes it more like a long commute.  The same lounge, the same routine, and even the same seat configurations.  Imagine how we would describe our experience to people hundreds of years ago.  

"We get into this building and then into a long tube with seats in it.  In a few hours, we are magically transported to some location that you would take months to get to"  Its magic!

I'm seriously looking forward to the day when transporters are commonplace as 17 hours is still a long time to spend traveling.   Wouldn't it be nice to just step into the chamber and be transported to your destination in a flash?  As unbelievable as that might be for us today, even a hundred years ago, what we are doing quite commonly now was science fiction to them.  I remember my uncle taking a boat to back to China in the 50s and it would take him almost a month...and the 50s were not that long ago (for me at least).

California...the countdown begins starting today.

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