Monday, July 14, 2014

US to eat humble pie?

In my June 25th blog post, I wrote on how the US policy towards Thailand was pushing the country closer to China and other 'friends'.  I also pointed out how the threat of pulling Cobra Gold and putting it in Australia was a stupid and hollow threat and would hurt the US more than Pattaya (yes, it was a deliberate entry instead of Thailand).

Well, I guess its time to eat some humble pie if the US wants to hold Cobra Gold in Thailand this year.  The Junta has demanded, in writing, why the US first threatened to pull the exercises due to the coup e'tat and then decided it would now like to hold it in Thailand again.  See article in Nation here.  

Could it be that a lot of other ASEAN nations, including China has indicated a willingness to hold exercises on their own since the US has shown itself to be a less than reliable partner and friend when things don't go their way.

As they say, the entity that has the most to lose is usually the most disadvantaged in any relationship.  It looks like Thailand is willing to walk away and has the least to lose so its in control. They want to US to eat some humble pie and apologize in a roundabout way.  

Or is it that the boys in blue realize that the teeraks in Pattaya are far better than their pricey counterparts in Aussie land?  Whatever the case, I hope the powers that be enjoy the taste of humble pie....

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