Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You are what you eat

Since I am here in California, I decided to change my diet a bit because I noticed I was getting tighter at the waistline that I wanted.  This started when I was getting fitted for my suit to attend the wedding last weekend.  To make a long story short, I started to go on a diet of sorts, and have pretty much omitted almost all carbohydrates from my diet.  That means stuff like bread, chips, bagels, and even rice.  There are various names for this kind of diet, primal, caveman, etc., but to me its just like eating normal except leaving out one food group...carbs.  

This diet change along with my daily walks and trips to the gym have started to produce results. I've dropped 5lbs already and one inch from my waistline and my body is looking a lot different.   Anyway, I'm hoping to lose about 5 lbs more before I get back to the land of smiles, but I will be happy with another 2-3.  Continuing my diet in Bangkok will be much harder as items like cartons of egg whites, lean meats, and other protein sources are harder to find.  The good thing is that there are far more choices in veggies and fruit and they're cheaper too.  It will be nice to get back on the beach again without a shirt and still look OK for an old geezer like myself.  

A video for your perusal about food and how we have changed our eating habits as we get more 'civilized'.  Makes a lot of sense, and why so many people are so unhealthy in our supposedly perfect environment. 

About 2 weeks left before I get to go home....yeah!  

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