Friday, August 8, 2014


I love birthdays...except my own.  Birthdays are lots of fun as there is always good food and cake too.  

It was B's birthday yesterday, but I won't say how old she is as she is already complaining about getting old.  I won't mention it on the blog for the whole world to see because I value my all my bodily parts and enjoy teasing her about it.

Yum Yum...chocolate cake!

The parties are not always for the adults, but the kids.  Marina had a blast yesterday helping mom blow out the candles and eating the black forest cake.  She is such a big girl now that she can feed herself and only leave about 50% of the cake on  her face...555

The weather has  been great up here in the countryside as its in the 80s with a gentle breeze. We are about 800 feet high in elevation in the high Korat plateau so its much cooler than the mango.   Could sleep without air conditioning if we leave the windows open, but it does shower everyday. Feels a lot like the Islands with the trade winds every day.   The countryside is green and lush this time of year and in the next month or two, there is always the threat of floods in our area.  Our resort is high enough that we've been lucky to survive the last two huge floods, including the one that flooded the big mango.  We became an island with water all around us and even the roads leading to us were underwater.  

About the size of my open hand..those are 12 inch tiles

Lastly, living in the country has its little adventures.  Just yesterday morning, I woke up to a new resident in our bungalow's bathroom.  Yep, this guy was huge.  I believe its called a huntsman spider because of its speed in hunting its prey, which includes little geckos and other invertebrate small enough to fit its grasp.  Its speed didn't help it much as I sent him to spider heaven with  a few whacks of the good old toilet cleaning brush.

Anyway, we are preparing for a busy weekend.  Its mother's day weekend in Thailand.  That means all the kids working in the mango will be heading up here to visit their mommies.  We were booked full yesterday and expect the resort to be full until mid next week.  I hoping I can get back to the mango early to beat the rush..and leave the cleanup work for the rest of the family.

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