Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busy Days ahead.....

Started out today as usual at 5:30AM, but couldn't go for my daily walk because B's mother had washed my tennis shoes.  B's mother has this thing about dirty shoes.  Anytime my shoes get a bit of dirt on them and are any other color than white white, she takes them and scrubs them and makes them all white again.  B said that she has done this ever since she was a baby going to school.  Anyway, my shoes were dripping wet so no walk through the countryside today.  But they are white white again...555

We had a scheduled meeting with one of the famous spirit house experts today as B got a new Ganesh statue for the partially completed spirit house on our property.  According to her, we have been remiss in getting our spirit house finihed and eventually that might lead to bad luck.  Spirit houses and statues are everywhere in Thailand, especially in front of  buildings or businesses (i.e. Central World).  Thais believe that spirits or ghost live on the land that these buildings occupy,  and they need some new place to stay because the buildings have displaced them from their land.  

Anyway, she made arrangement for this older woman to come over next week to set up our spirit house. Evidently she is famous and her resume includes setting up the spirit house for Suvarnabhumi Airport and a host of other big mango projects. She is a good  friend of B's grandfather so her fees are going to be waived and we only have to pay for the material and offerings (spirit food, etc.).  She will lead the ceremony and the blessing and 'call down the spirits' to guard and bring good luck onto our business.  I will reserve my comments on the usefulness of all this, but see it no different that some Catholics asking their priest to bless their cars with holy water.  After all, this is Thailand right?

Then there was the family of a couple who needs a place to hold a wedding this weekend.  I guess something happened to their original plans, but we only have 4 days to get ready for 150 people and a Chinese banquet.  Good thing we are not full this weekend, but its still going to be hectic with the caterers and wedding party running all over the place.

Looks like the range has room for at least two targets

Lastly, I did set up a makeshift stand for our target out in the partially complete target range to check out its layout.  Shot some arrows from my new compound bow and it seemed to work out fine.  We will redo the base of the target later, plus we definitly have to do some kind of backdrop so that the people on the property next door won't get shot by mistake!

With all that going, it rained hard today as well.  As they say, when it rains, it seems to be pouring.  That's how it felt up here at the resort today.


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