Monday, August 18, 2014

Checking out the Archery Range

Posting from the resort today.  Came up this morning to attend another birthday and to check out some work that was going to be completed this week.

I took part of yesterday afternoon off to check out Archery Thai, one of the most popular archery ranges here in the big mango.  I had purchased a compound bow from Cabelas and brought it over with me to eventually use at the resort and possibly take up another new hobby.  Reading the instruction manual and using YouTube as a video resource, I managed to set up most of the elements of the bow.  However, there was one item that I knew I needed help on - installing a peep sight on my bow string.

Bangkok buddy had shown some interest a while back so I asked him to join me as we went to check out the place.  The range is part of the All Star Sports complex which is located near the Lao Embassy in the Ratchada area.  Its not easy to get to via public transportation and the best way to get there if you have to go that route is to take the underground to the Thailand Culture Center Station and then hop a taxi ride which shouldn't cost more than 50 baht.  You can always drive if you have a car.

The complex has a large golf driving range, some golf pro shops, tennis courts, restaurants, and the archery range.  There was also an outdoor sporting goods shop there as well.

Doesn't look crowded but there were like 100 people watching the finals

Once we found the place and located some parking, we went into the range to find that it was jam packed.  Evidently they were having a tournament and we arrived in the heat of the action.  The good thing was that the pro shop was empty because all the archers already had their competition equipment in top shape for the tournament.  The pro shop was very professional and set up my peep sight, finished my arrows, and adjusted my draw length.  I didn't get a chance to sight in the bow as there were no targets available so we agreed to come back another day to finish the job.

I spent about an hour watching the various 'heats' in the tournament and I think that I will now have another hobby/activity to keep me busy here in the land of smiles.  The range has a full program of lessons, including a 'discovery' class for only 250 baht, which includes the use of their equipment.  I think I will take the beginner's class, which is 10 hours - five 2 hour sessions so that I won't pick up any bad habits.  I purchased a bag for my bow and also a large target block for use at the resort since I was coming up here today.  Now I am all set to go out and play!

This evening, I was just interrupted from posting on my blog by B for the birthday party.  On tonight's menu are giant prawns on the barbie and a fabulous ice cream cake from Swensons.  Gosh, it was worth the drive up here today...but terrible for my diet.  Too bad the USA is trying to be political about the 'slave labor' used to catch the junk fish to make the feed for these giant prawns.  Its like three times removed from the food chain process but it appeared on TV so the politicians had to act.   Your loss gain as the prices have leveled off a bit for us here in the LOS.  

Toss another few on the barbie mate....

More tomorrow as I try to set up the shooting range at the resort.

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