Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dream World......

Just got back from an exploratory trip to Dream World.  I call it exploratory because we weren't sure we could do any of the attractions in the park so we opted to take the minimal entrance fee which didn't include any rides or shows, no free lunch, etc.  We had Marina with us so we couldn't really do anything without B and I being stuck to babysit while the other partook of the rides.  It was decided that we would just go in, take in the park atmosphere, and come back when Marina is a little bit older and when we had some other family members or friends to watch her as we rode the rides.

The park offers water rides, thrill rides, shows, a little animal petting zoo, and lots of shopping.  Food is available throughout the park, with mostly Thai dishes making up the bulk of the choices.  It definitely has one of the largest splashing log rides I've ever seen as the spray gets everyone in immediate area soaking wet!

Daddy is pooped out, but Marina is having a great time

There are two major amusement parks here in Bangkok - Dream World and Suan Siam.  Both will be a bit boring to those that have visited top tier parks like Disneyland/Disney World, Universal studios or other major big budget parks in the USA.  But for the locals and regional visitors who will likely never leave the area to see these far away places, Dream World offers a similar, but much tamer and less sophisticated experience.  Its also a lot cheaper.  The price for tickets vary from 200 baht up to 800 baht, which doesn't cover every attraction (i.e. Antique Cars).  The 200 baht rate is for Thais and residents and is for admission only to the park - no rides, etc.  You can also buy  discount tickets online 24 hours in advance from the website, saving about 200 baht on the high end tickets.  There is a 800 baht all day/most rides pass for those that buy at the park entrance.

Map (click on map to enlarge)

We opted for the 200 baht ticket to just look around and spend a few hours in the park with Marina.  Since it was steamy hot today (hot, humid, and no wind), it was a good decision.  We spent maybe 4 hours in the park and it was enough since all we could do was watch and the heat was starting to wear us down.  There are some intriguing rides that warrants a repeat visit in the future and I've included pictures of some of them in the short video below.  Best to visit when the weather is cooler.

Dream World is located on Road 305, about 6.9 KM from Rangsit and close to the Don Muang Airport. Hotel pickup packages available from the website listed above.  Their website is

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