Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is mother's day in Thailand, in alignment with HRM Queen Sirikit's Birthday.  First of all, warmest of birthday wishes to HRM and a tribute video of her with many old photos.  She has served the country as the longest living reining Queen and her works and royal projects, especially those to help the poor, have touched millions.  Secondly, a warm thank you to all the mothers that have raised each of us and gave us life. We don't always express our gratitude like we should, but today we make a special effort to remember and thank you for all those times that you were there to care for us.

Happy Birthday HRM!

Back in the Mango today.  Got back last night to beat the rush of traffic.  It was a wise decision as B's sister took nearly nine hours to get up to the resort when the typical driving time is around four hours.  Its a work day tomorrow so I expect the roads from upcountry to be jammed packed.   The streets of the mango were empty this morning, that means the malls will be full later today with people taking their mothers out to eat.

Back in the mango....yeah!

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