Sunday, August 24, 2014

In the Mango - Checking out a new Archery Range

Got back to the mango a couple of days ago but its been so hectic that I haven't had a chance to make any posts.  I did make it to the free buffet yesterday and met up with Bangkok Buddy and Barnaby.  During dinner we discussed archery because BB has now decided to take up the sport and buy the same bow that I have.  He's been reading furiously on the internet about archery and trying to learn all about bows, arrows, etc.

During dinner, Barnaby said that his friend recently opened an Archery Range in the Minburi area and that we should go out and see it.  So today, I met up with him and drove out to the White-Zen Shooting range to shoot some arrows.  The range is located near Fashion Island Mall and is about 40 minutes from the reservation.   Its a 30 meter range, with plans to extend it up to 70 meters once the land behind it becomes available.  There are plans for a pro shop, restaurant, and a coffee shop.  When we visited yesterday, they were still in the 'soft opening' stage as the pro shop and restaurant have not opened yet.  

Grass covered range up to 30 meters

Simon Zee and his partner opened White-Zen to serve the fast growing population of archers here in the land of smiles.  Simon is a retired competitive archer and is now involved in the organizing of competitive events and is often called upon as a rules official or judge at many sanctioned tournaments in the region.  His desire is to introduce archery programs into the schools here in Thailand with hopes of setting up competitive leagues just like the other sports.  Introducing archery to younger students will hopefully yield greater prospects for the Thai National team and their chances to win Olympic medals.  White-Zen is envisioned to be the center where program leaders can be trained and students can train and compete outside of the school ranges.

Covered shooting area - lots of tables and chairs, cold beverages

We didn't get to shoot too much because it was raining pretty hard yesterday and the field was soaked, but did manage to get a few arrows in during the breaks from the storm. The storm kept everyone away (thunder, lightning, rain soaked field, and metal bows makes for a dangerous outing), except us diehards and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.   Even Barnaby got some action with a re-curve bow and some private lessons from his friend Simon.  One nice thing about the ranges here in the Land of Smiles is that there are tables and chairs where one can sit, relax, and chat between shooting sessions or when its raining hard like it was yesterday.  A very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon...shooting with some friends, sipping some white wine and just hanging out and chatting.  

Look at that form..the power, the precision

Now that's not too bad at all for a beginner

White Zen charges 60 baht an hour for shooting before 5PM and 90 baht an hour in the evening.  Alternatively you can pay 100 baht for the entire day if you come in the afternoon.  You can visit them on their Facebook timeline at:

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