Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In the mango...Hello Kitty to the rescue

Here in the Mango.  A bit late, but a least I'm here.  There was a 45 minute delay on the flight between Taipei and BKK due to our plane not being ready.  So they had to pull the plane out and get us another one as it was going to continue from the mango to Amsterdam.  

Anyway, we are sitting looking out at the empty gate and guess what rolls up?  The Hello Kitty plane.  Naturally all the teenage girls and some of the big girls too start to woo and wow and take pictures.  EVA uses this plane in lots of advertising shots and promos and we get to ride in it to the mango.    The short ending to the long story is that we made up some time and got to the mango only 15 minutes late.  

Short lines at immigration, shorter lines at the baggage claim and lots of taxis on the ground floor.  Out of the plane and to my condo in less than 1 hour.  Planing to meet up with Bangkok buddy in about 30 minutes and will get ready to go upcountry tomorrow.  Nothing like the mango for great service.

busy busy busy....but happy happy happy to be home.

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