Monday, September 1, 2014

Lazy Sunday.....Archery at the range

It was a lazy Sunday as plans did not materialize for the trip out to the Hua Mak Archery Range.   Will likely have to wait  until next weekend for the free classes.   I was not deterred however and decided to go out and get my bow tuned at Archery Thai in the Ratchada area.  Previously, my bow was equipped with a peep sight and my arrows assembled there, but since there was a tournament going on at the time, I could not shoot the bow to check the sight alignment. This trip was an opportunity to shoot the bow and check things out in a controlled environment with real paper targets and set distances.

Anyway, I went out to the range around 11AM and was able to get a slot to shoot at noon for one hour.  During that hour, I had a chance to get the feel of the rules of the range and also to play around a bit with the sights on my bow.  The reviews on this bow were dead on -- the bow is great, but the sights on the bow are not very good at all.  After playing around for the entire hour, I was able to just get it fairly close - but will have to return another day to tune it up again as I am not happy with how things are set up at the moment.  The range is efficiently run and the people there seem to be very nice and polite.  Definitely will go back later in the week when its a bit quieter.

Also bought a bow stand from the pro shop for 1000 baht so that I won't have to use the hook they have to hang my bow.  After an hour, it was time to rest as shooting for an hour straight began to test some muscles that I rarely use.  This hobby will definitely build up muscles in your upper body, especially if you shoot a lot.

Some chores and errands to run today as a trip back to Kalifornia is planned in about 10 days.  As they say, there is no rest for the wicket - but there is no better place to be wicket than here in the big mango right?

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