Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lazy weekend in the Mango

Got back from the countryside yesterday afternoon and went to the Friday night free buffet.  Was a large crowd there with a couple of friends just arriving this week from the states.  After the buffet, we wandered over to the lobby to check out the local scene.  The consensuses was that the scene at the parking lot was dying off quickly.  Rumors are that there is something happening at the hotel, such a potential change of ownership soon. What its future will be and exactly when are still open to speculation.  Insiders say that some kind of announcement will be made to the staff next week....but these are all rumors and you know how those sometimes end up being totally off base.

Plans for the weekend are in flux, with a trip to the Hua Mak Archery range a possibility on Sunday.   They are supposed to have free classes there and clubs that you can join.  Once you've joined the Association (300 baht yearly fee), you can shoot anytime on your own. Lots will be predicated on weather.  It was raining this morning and still is drizzling as I am posting this entry.  Might go out and ride my bike a bit today if the rain stops after I install my new control handles.  As they say, its never a slow day in the Mango...just a lazy day.

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